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Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Our predictive and prescriptive analysis can help increase your asset utilization and operational efficiency, decrease operational costs and risk and, ultimately, improve revenue and profitability.
Crew Resource Management (CRM) is a proven and effective team-enhancement process that has been adopted by the aviation industry for the last 35 years and is gaining traction in other domains such as the energy industry and the medical profession.
The International Well Control Federation (IWCF) termed the concept Well Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM). Lone Star Ltd. have followed the IOGP and IWCF recommendations and has adapted Crew Resource Management training for the oil and gas industry in order to improve the effectiveness and safety of crew operations in the oil and gas industry
Cyber Essentials

Smarter Decisions, Faster.

Lone Star Analysis Ltd. provides predictive and prescriptive analytics and guided artificial intelligence to help customers make smarter decisions faster. Organizations want to make informed decisions as they face uncertainty about the future and their data. Lone Star’s technology improves confidence and reduces uncertainty in critical business decisions, big and small. We enable companies to improve operational and financial performance.

Lone Star Analysis Ltd. is pleased to announce our partnership with Inzpire to bring innovative data analytics driven by robust artificial intelligence to the UK market in support of UK governmental agencies.

Inzpire is a UK-based supplier of defence managed services and cutting-edge mission systems. They are a trusted partner of the UK MOD. Inzpire is a Joint-Services organization with thousands of years of combined military aviation experience. Their team, drawn from the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force has frontline experience in operations from Afghanistan and Libya to The Balkans and beyond, gained from tens of thousands of hours of combined military fast-jet and helicopter flying and in-depth, real-world knowledge.


Inzpire makes the world-leading GECO family of mission systems for both airborne and land applications; combat-proven, safety certifiable, and with fully integrated Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) functionality for a paperless cockpit, GECO (Air) is the affordable advanced digital cockpit upgrade. They also train the British Army to fly Apache helicopters, instruct RAF pilots in cockpit skills, support UK Typhoon operations, and are experts in simulation and synthetic environments.

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