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Automated Intelligent Analytics Solutions

Real-time, high-performance predictive and prescriptive

analytics at the point of need

The Lone Star® software goes beyond basic artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our Evolved Artificial Intelligence™ (Evolved AI™) technologies predict when asset failures will occur and prescribe how to improve efficiency, maximize uptime, extend asset useful life, and reduce maintenance & supply chain costs.

Automated Intelligent Analytics Solutions

Automated Intelligent Analytics can be defined by these areas:

As organizations continue their journey to Industry 5.0, Lone Star® provides software and solutions to support organizations’ digital transformation. The ability to implement solutions that leverage machine learning/AI and automation through technology coupled with the right level of human intervention is critical to organizational success. Lone Star’s value-added services and support coupled with our real-time analytics software, AOS™ platform, assist organizations to architect, develop and deliver solutions that accelerate companies along their transformational journey.

Lone Star’s MaxUp™ family of software accelerates the delivery of tangible business results by enabling predictive and prescriptive analytics. Extending current capabilities from diagnosing, reporting and dashboarding to provide predictions when critical assets are going to operate outside of their optimal range, and prescribing an immediate action based on the real-time operational condition of the asset is critical to improving operations, maximizing uptime and extending the life of the asset.

Lone Star® provides value-added consulting services for our customers to help define, build, deploy, and continually improve analytics models that deliver value to the business. Our consultants have deep domain expertise and, combined with analytics skills, assist in the development of solutions that solve the most complex and challenging business problems organizations face. The breadth and depth of services we deliver to our customers ranges from training and enablement complete to a full managed services model.

TruNavigator® and AnalyticsOS™ are Lone Star’s analytics platforms that support organizations’ asset and process optimization initiatives. Utilizing AOS™ and TruNav®, we are able to support both asset and process optimization through software that enables organizations to quickly and efficiently analyze operations, run “what if” analysis scenarios and prescribe actions that improve operational performance.