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Operational Optimisation

Operational Optimisation Solutions - Maximising Fleet Deployability

Lone Star Analysis Ltd. provides applied decision intelligence and engineering solutions. We harness predictive and prescriptive analytics, Evolved AI®, and patented technology to help organisations maximise aircraft fleet readiness, availability and sustainability. Our MaxUp® Readiness Solutions overcome uncertainty and complex challenges to increase defence output and maximise fleet deployability.


MaxUp® Readiness – Optimisation Elevation

Our Operational Optimisation Solutions are powered by our robust and unique MaxUp® Readiness software, the applications are designed specifically for organisations that need to elevate their operational performance to greater heights.


MaxUp® LEADS – Award-winning solution provides holistic fleet inventory management
MaxUp® GMP – A LEADS module providing real-time configuration/capability status of managed assets
MaxUp® MRO2 – A scalable model that simulates repair/production line processes
MaxUp® OPS – Modelling & Simulation Solutions for complex and uncertain process flows
MaxUp® MxP – Maintenance Staffing Optimisation Software (MSOS)
BCASS – Business Case Analysis (BCA)
PRIME – Programmatic decision analysis tool to support Acquisition Strategies for the Programme Manager
MaxUp® TEM – Training Enterprise Models for operational training optimisation

Operational Optimisation can be defined by these areas:

Lone Star® makes comprehensive enterprise optimisation possible through the use of TruNavigator®. This refers to the capability to plan, integrate, coordinate, and execute all organizational practises.

TruNavigator® seamlessly integrates every aspect of an organisation into a single environment that is used to evaluate predictive simulations.
As your company scales our predictive capabilities scale with you. TruNavigator® also seamlessly integrates with OptiSolv™, a scalable stochastic optimisation engine, to enable customers to rapidly optimise business parameters.

Lone Star® enables clients to optimise their discrete and process based manufacturing & production environments through TruNavigator® based solutions and AnalyticsOS™ capabilities. The software coupled with historical data, allow Lone Star to understand how the manufacturing & production environments operate now and in the future, to better predict potential issues and adjustments that may impact customer’s goals.

Supply Chain & Logistics is surrounded by uncertainty. This uncertainty creates financial pressure and requires organisations to act quickly to counteract any unexpected changes. Lone Star’s TruNavigator® software utilises real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics to keep customers informed about how supply chain operates now and in the future. This enables organisations to make better business decisions.

In order to strategically minimize risk or eliminate events before they ever occur, you must be able to turn the uncertainty of operational risk into an evaluable probabilistic quantitative measure.
Lone Star® has vast experience crafting solutions that evaluate operational risk, through the use of TruNavigator®, Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS™), and AnalyticsOS™. These tools work together to keep the customer informed on how decisions today effect future operational risk in a cumulative probabilistic manner, and deliver instant awareness of point of occurrence risk to enable organisations to make quicker reactions.

Lone Star® has vast experience monitoring, analysing, and maintaining personnel and assets to maximise organizational uptime & useful life while also minimising cost.
This is all made possible through the predictive and prescriptive technology of TruNavigator® and AnalyticsOS™. These platforms integrate full enterprise, facility, and asset level perspectives to deliver predictive maintenance of all organisational assets in real-time. This enables customers to predict when failures will occur, why they are occur, and how to prevent them from ever actually occurring.

Lone Star allows organisations to achieve operational excellence and maximum performance from their assets through the use of TruNavigator® and AnalyticsOS™. These platforms integrate enterprise, facility, and asset level perspectives to optimise resource utilisation, avoid unplanned shutdowns, and plan maintenance and logistics.

As the world becomes more interconnected and technology continues to advance, people must undergo additional training to keep up.
Lone Star® excels at evaluating the entire training continuum including Computer Based Training (CBT), Live Virtual & Constructive (LVC), Simulation, and Live environments to help our clients optimise their programmes.