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Real-Time Predictive &

Prescriptive Asset Analytics

MaxUp® is our real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics software, designed specifically for organizations who need to maximize the return on physical assets used to run their business. The MaxUp® applications harness physics-based artificial intelligence to provide real-time monitoring of assets like pumps, engines, vehicle sub-systems, and industrial manufacturing equipment. MaxUp® software is powered by our AnalyticsOS® platform, to predict when and why components will fail to perform properly and recommend preventative measures to avoid the failure. Enabling operators to maximize uptime and return.

Lone Star’s MaxUp® Family of asset analytics software promises to maximize return on your assets by keeping your equipment operating and producing more, for longer, and at a lower cost. The software maximizes uptime using predictive and prescriptive analytics, delivering conditional data on your critical systems and subsystems in real-time.


MaxUp® allows operators to manage assets to extend the time to failure, minimize downtime for maintenance and repair, and optimize the asset’s production over time. Lone Star Analysis is currently deploying MaxUp® products in the Energy, Manufacturing, and Transportation and Logistics sectors with numerous other applications in development.

The MaxUp® Family:

MaxUp Fleet

Vehicle Condition-Based Maintenance

Lone Star’s MaxUp® Fleet offers Conditioned-Based Maintenance (CBM) software that conducts real-time analysis on critical vehicle systems, predicts when and why components will fail to perform properly and recommends actions to prevent failures. MaxUp® Fleet provides predictive and prescriptive analytics for vehicle subsystems such as:

  • Engines
  • Tires
  • Gearboxes
  • Cooling
  • Lubrication
  • And more!

This results in lower maintenance costs, increased asset availability, and overall fleet reliability.

MaxUp Manufacturing

RSC Asset Management Software

MaxUp® Manufacturing provides RSC Asset Management software (SaaS) focused on maximizing rotary screw compressor operations, maintenance, and performance. The software uses physics-based AI, and the cloud application provides powerful visualizations of predictions, prescriptions, and data insights. MaxUp® Manufacturing’s RSC Asset Management software:

  • Enables reduction of the total cost of ownership and operation
  • Is compressor OEM and model agnostic
  • Features an easy to use, web-based interface

This results in lower utility costs, increased asset availability, and overall RSC reliability.

MaxUp Energy

ESP Asset Analytics Software

Lone Star’s MaxUp® Energy offers Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) operators predictive and prescriptive analytics software to solve persistent issues in real-time. Our ESP Asset Analytics helps operators:

  • Maximize ESP Uptime
  • Extend ESP Time to Failure
  • Minimize ESP Workover Time
  • Optimize Pumping Over Time
  • And more…

MaxUp® Energy’s ESP Asset Analytics monitors and evaluates all elements influencing ESP production and health.

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A Proven Platform
for Real-Time, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics

The AnalyticsOS® Suite of analytics software products is a disruptive advanced analytics platform that takes real-time decision-making to a new level. By providing transparent predictive and prescriptive analytics at the point closest to where effective decision-making is required, operational outcomes are improved, unwanted latency is eliminated, and data costs are minimized. The AnalyticsOS® family of solutions provides true “cause and effect” analytics at the “Edge” of the network or in centralized locations based on the business outcomes the customer is looking to achieve. The powerful but simple modeling application requires no programming skills or advanced math degrees to be effective. AnalyticsOS® democratizes advanced analytics capabilities, driving smarter decisions and improved business results.