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Lone Star® provides industry leading predictive

and prescriptive analytics technology to reduce uncertainty

and help companies make smarter decisions faster.



The AnalyticsOS™ suite is compose of advanced analytics software that enhances real-time decision making to a new level. The platform provides transparent predictive and prescriptive analytics at the point of decision making to improve operational outcomes, eliminate unwanted latency, and minimize data costs. Based on customer needs the AOS™ family provides true “cause and effect” analytics at the “Edge” of the network or in centralized locations. Simple meets powerful with our no code, system-agnostic, advanced analytics platform that provides smarter decisions faster.



Lone Star’s real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics software, designed for organizations who need to maximize asset utilization and business operations. MaxUp™ applications harness physics-based artificial intelligence to provide real-time monitoring on assets like pumps, engines, vehicle sub-systems and industrial manufacturing equipment. This software is powered by our AnalyticsOS platform to predict when and why components of the asset will fail to perform properly and recommend preventative measures to avoid the failure. Enabling operators to maximize uptime and return.



Lone Star’s Operational Optimization Solutions software is called OptUp™. The TruNavigator® platform powers the software’s ability to elevate an organizations operational performance. The OptUp™ family of software allows customers to plan and make intelligent decisions in complex, uncertain situations. These decisions include improving safety, maximizing efficiency, mitigating risk, reducing cost, and optimizing performance.



The TruNavigator® platform is designed to solve virtually any problem with it’s suite of predictive analytics software. The platform is especially applicable in complex environments while still being easy to use, transparent, and scalable. With this platform customers can visualize and begin to understand the “cause and effect” for their highly uncertain and complex problems. Enabling them to make smarter decisions faster.



TruPredict® is a price-to-win software built to simplify and standardize the process for pricing federal contracts. Operating as an on-premise software, TruPredict® simulates scenarios in real time, allowing users to change conditions and variables to build and analyze competitive price points. TruPredict® is a Lone Star Analysis product, offered as two product lines: TruPredict Essentials and TruPredict Professional. For more information on TruPredict®, visit https://www.trupredict.com/



TruProcess combines the TruNavigator® and AnalyticsOS™ capabilities and applies them to the process/project management world. This easy-to-use software provides organizations with solutions when dealing with uncertain task times, inconsistent supply chains, and constrained resources.

Other Products


Is a simulation of a test program and can be used to develop test program plans and/or manage already initiated test programs. Three measures are used to answer big test planning questions: cost, schedule, and CVM (Capability Verification Metric). The software does not require exact data, it can be run by historical data or broad human estimates.


Is an electronic voting system used to facilitate local and distributed group voting. The system is easy to learn, intuitive, self-contained, and integrates with Lone Star’s suite of modeling and simulation tools. 


This software uses a matrix-based predictive and analytical model to provide enhanced decision analysis for customers working in Options Analysis, Price to Win, Performance Trades, Risk Comparisons, Analysis of Alternatives, Competitive Positions, and more.

Opportunity/Capability™ (Op/Cap)

This software identifies and quantifies future business and technology opportunities while taking the organization’s capabilities into consideration. The tool extracts valuable information, generates a consensus, and explains the best path forward.